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Customer Comments


Knowledgeable-professional-relaxed-responsive. Alex accommodated the pace of our group, which included several middle aged persons, in addition to our 90 yr. old mother. Touring in our own vehicle, which was already tailored to our needs, facilitated our traveling comfort. You won't be sorry.

Thank you, Alex.


Alex took our family on an incredible tour of Rocky Mountain National Park. His knowledge of the area, the animals, plants, trees and the mountain itself was amazing. He seemed to have a story about everything. The whole design of his tour worked well for us – go at our own pace, see what we want to see, spend the time where we wanted to; a nice leisurely pace enjoying one of the most wonderful scenery in nature. I highly recommend Alex.

Dave Williamson
Sr. Director, Quality & Operations Systems
Nycomed US Inc.
Melville, NY

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and found that I came away much more knowledgeable about the entire
area than I ever thought possible. Will do it again every season!..........Ray Magness


After I emailed you, I saw you were the featured story-teller for some ghost tours with another operator.  Great gig for you.

“My family was fortunate enough to have used Alex as a tour guide last year.  He led us on a journey through Rocky Mountain National Park to see all the wildlife and scenery all the way to Grand Lake.  We stopped at all the best pull-offs for photos and to get a proper education on the park and its history.  The stories were incredible, and we especially enjoyed the ones about Rocky Mountain Jim and Isabella Bird.  After a family trip full of activities, the tour with Alex was the best day of our adventure. Thanks, Alex".

Michael Levin

My husband and I did a tour with Alex this past June and it was great! We got to see and learn about the Rocky Mountain area, including wildlife and fauna. I'd recommend this tour to anyone who wants to see great views and learn more about the Estes Park area. We also got great recommendations on local dining as well!

Couldn't ask for a friendlier or more personable tour guide!


We had an enjoyable time with Alex. We would highly recommend him for a tour of Estes Park. Alex was very informative and he made it a fun tour. The rewards were "sweet" for correct answers to Alexs' quiz sis-in -law won that!!


A tour can be defined as a journey for pleasure in which one returns to the starting point. Alex’s Rocky Mountain
Tours set a new standard for “pleasant”. In short, incredible! Alex met us at our B&B – which was great since we had no desire to drive around Estes to link up with a tour. From the B&B, we launched into an unforgettable,
extremely informative afternoon journey taking us up a less traveled, one way road with spectacular views to the
mountain top visitors’ center – where our gracious guide furnished refreshments. From there it was down to the
meadows to see animals and learn more about Estes.

The truly exceptional part of this delightful time was Alex’s continuing commentary on all things Estes – from
Alluvial fan to Zoology and Everything In Between. Interested in places to celebrate special events, easy or
difficult hiking trails, unique and historical places, or ethnic restaurants? Alex is The Man – and we had the
special treat of his lovely wife, LaDell, being with us on this journey. A creative lady and professional
photographer, she’s a great source of information too. The only unpleasant part of the day was when darkness fell and our memorable journey ended back at the B&B.

We’ll be back, Alex! And we’ll make reservations early! Well done!

Rich and Susie



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